Top Asphalt Repair Guide

A Quick Guide to Asphalt Seal Coating and Maintenance


At spring time, along with the grass getting green, the leaves budding from trees, and the flowers blooming, the seal coating and pavement maintenance people are out in full force.


You might be wondering if it is really worth it to use seal coating, and there is actually a variety of answers to the question if seal coating is really worth it. It is important to be well educated in the seal coating process because you might have to bring out your knowledge about seal coating unexpectedly or expectedly, like for example if you are calling a local Seal Coating Baltimore MD contractor, or if someone comes to your home asking if you need a seal coating.


You get what you pray for or let the buyer beware are common sayings that are most definitely relatable to the world of sealing coating and pavement maintenance. So do not just randomly hire whoever contractor, or buy whatever products you find, you will have to take some time thinking about it.


You should know a little about asphalt before you start thinking about seal coating and pavement maintenance. Knowing what asphalt is, what holds them together, or what is in the product, then that will help you to make a wise decision when it comes to seal coating and pavement maintenance.


Asphalt is a mixture of many different kinds of stuff, and there is a stone base at the bottom, this stone base should be solid but will still allow water drainage, then after this stone base you should apply the asphalt, now how many asphalt you apply will depend on how heavy the traffic that will be crossing that area be, or whatever intended use you will want the asphalt for.


The nice thing about asphalt is that you don't have to apply new seal coatings every year, in fact, it is probably best to change your asphalt around 2 to 5 years later. This is because asphalt is a very tough product, and so don't worry too much about seal coating every year.


Cracks in asphalt should be addressed by a Parking Lot Striping Rockville MD contractor, but don't get one that is only interested in using his/her sealer, because this is actually not a good idea at all, to simply apply sealer to hide the cracks.


A good pavement maintenance contractor will seal those cracks properly and preferably by using a hot rubberized crack sealer, which is very different from a seal coating material, even if you can't afford a contractor, you should do something to fix those cracks because you will have to spend a lot more to repave any asphalt surface that has been damaged by cracking.